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5.9 Acres Helps Connect Coney Rock and Proposal Rock Preserves

Coney Rock and Proposal Rock, Mansfield, CT A key 5.9-acre parcel has been purchased with assistance from the Town of Mansfield.

Located adjacent to Proposal Rock Preserve, the land provides a link to over 220 acres of open space at Coney Rock. The parcel also provides an access corridor between several houses to protect wildlife moving between interior forest tracts on the north and south sides of Mulberry Road.

The Mansfield Town Council also voted to purchase a property on the other side of Mulberry Road, which will make possible the creation a long trail linking several pieces of open space.

The partnership between Joshua’s Trust and the Town of Mansfield has been very fruitful. In 2001, the town received a grant from DEP to purchase 60 acres from the Olsen family.

The success of the grant application was partly due to support from Joshua’s Trust and agreement from David Chapin that he intended to donate 134 adjacent acres to the Trust. That gift was made in 2002. A short time thereafter, Joshua’s Trust purchased a 17-acre addition in a bargain sale.

Most of the land protected by Joshua’s Trust has come from gifts, and the limited funds for land acquisition have been used judiciously, usually in collaboration with one of the towns served by the Trust. In addition to projects in Mansfield, the Trust has collaborated with Willington, Lebanon, and Ashford.

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