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The full color lithograph
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Allanach-Wolf Woodlands


Lake Marie, windham Center, CTWindham Center still has the charm of an old New England village, surrounded by sizable, unbroken tracts of land, many of which were formerly farms. One of these large properties, 102.6 acres of largely forested land, was donated to Joshua's Trust by Ada Wolf in 2007. Located on Back Road, the property is in an area identified as having the highest natural resource priority in the Town of Windham's Plan of Conservation. Streams which course through the woods feed into a 22-acre shallow pond, known as Lake Marie.

Since 2007, extensive repairs were made to the earthen dam that supports Lake Marie, and environmental restoration has brought the land closer to the natural state in which Ada Wolf wished to see it preserved. Plans are now being made for public access to the property, and a formal dedication of the property is planned for spring 2010.

In addition to the property, Ada Wolf left an endowment for its management and for possible additions of adjacent land, a far-sighted gift which opens a potential greenway. In accordance with Ada Wolf's wishes, the property is named the Allanach-Wolf Woodlands. For more about this preserve, click here.