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Holt-Kinney Woods
Pictures coming soon! Holt-Kinney Woods, a Joshua Trust land preserve
This twenty-one acre tract of land in the town of Mansfield, stretching from Browns Road to Schoolhouse Brook Park, was deeded to Joshua's Trust by Katherine and Hamilton Holt. The Holts, better known as Kay and Tony, have long been members of the Trust and are active in numerous civic projects.

To Kay Holt, who grew up on the property, "every rock has some special meaning", and there are lots of rocks, which along with the deep sand deposits document the glacial forces that shaped the area. Rocks are also featured in the walls that mark the old boundaries of pasture and wood lots, stretching up from Rt. 195.

The parcel which the Holts have given to the Trust is part of a large holding acquired over a number of years by Kay's parents, Dr. Kenneth Kinney and Claire Calnen Kinney. Originally from Iowa, Dr. Kinney practiced as a physician in North Dakota during the Depression, traveling to the remote homes of his patients on a horse called "Hard Knocks" and getting paid with potatoes. He came east to study radiology at Harvard and was then recruited to Connecticut by Dr. Edward Ottenheimer, who was staffing the recently built Windham Hospital. Dr. Kinney served as radiologist for much of Eastern Connecticut.

The L-shaped parcel acquired by the Trust is largely wooded, although a part of the land along Brown's Road was known locally as the "six-acre meadow" and was rich with blueberries when Kay was growing up. Walking into the woods, one finds a double stone wall whose original purpose remains a mystery. A stand of white pine was planted by Dr. Kinney just after the 1938 hurricane. Further on, a small stream flows downhilll. Tracks of deer and wild turkey are abundant. The new property will be known as the Holt-Kinney Woods, which not only recognizes the recent owners but reflects the Old English definition of "holt", a wooded hill.

The Holt trail connects to two other Joshua's Trust properties, the Harriet E. Babcock Preserve and Wolf Rock. Other nearby trails are Mansfield's Sawmill Brook Preserve and the famous Nipmuck Trail. The SchoolHouse Brook map can be found at Mansfield's Parks and Recreation map page. This map primarily shows Schoolhouse Brook trails but also indicates adjoining trail systems.

To support the ongoing work of Joshua's Trust, please consider purchasing Joshua's Tract Walk Book, for sale at the Trust office every Thursday during office hours, and at local stores around the area.

Mansfield Center, CT
Katherine and Hamilton Holt
21.08 acres
Preserved in:
George Jacobi
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The preserve is located in Mansfield Center on Browns Road, which runs along the church just across from the intersection of Route 195 and Route 89. There is parking along the trail entrance for a few cars.